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Minor Setback…….

*Heavy Frickin Sigh*
I was in the process of writing my 2 month follow up (I’ve been writing it for days lol) when the unthinkable happened…smh. I have been goin to the same hair stylist for 17 years. I come in to get my TWA shaped up cause it’s growing in all wild and stuff. When he finished trimming my hair, I looked it over right quick, but noticed that it looked funny in the front. Even after my big chop I still have that part from when I would wrap my hair at night. So, I figured it was just the way the years of wrapping my hair every night made my hair lay. Anyhoo, I go home and put my cap on and go to sleep. I wake up and get ready for work. I took my cap off and was like WTF! I looked like one of those men that bald in the front right above the forehead. I comb my hair out and I’ll be damned if he didn’t give me a frickin Gumby! My fro was slanted like a mug on top. It was longer on one side and had some kind of hole or cowlick thang on the other side. Now, I got a serious attitude. I was in the midst of PMS too! Chiiiiiiiild I had to count to 10,000,000,000…..WOOOOOO SAAAAAAAHH! 17 YEARS!! I have never had any problems with my hair stylist. He comes in this morning and swore I must have been seeing things. He picked that mess out and he had to step back like….Damn! I did that? I was like…Negro you gave me a damn Gumby! Well, I’m back to “Square 1”. I had to do another big chop. I was so looking forward to my nice thick fro for the winter. Oh well, so much for my 2 months of growth pic…..*heavy frickin sigh*

My Natural Hair Journey: The Start

Please check out my “Big Chop Partna” and her hair journey! Follow us both as we explore our natural beauty.


I posted a picture of my big chop but I did not give the story behind it. Well for those who know me they know I have had just about every hairstyle possible. I would grow my hair long and then chop it all off without hesitation. I have never been one to stick to a hairstyle for too long.


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Hooray!! I officially made it through my 1st month of transitioning to a chemical free hairstyle. I have been reading blog after blog and watching video after video. I just want to make sure I get all the info I can on going natural. My guess is a lot of ladies tend to return to the creamy crack after not really knowing what to do with their hair in its natural state. It’s very important to be well informed. It will make your transition so much easier. I’m still not sure if I want to go the totally natural route with all the organic products and practices, or if I want to cut it short just one more time, or if I want to let it grow long at all. This whole natural thing is all so complex for me. I do think about the good ole Barbie days when my hair would fly with every step I took and the way I would shake it even though it wasn’t in my face LOL! Looking in the mirror is surreal. I mean….I can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe I cut off all that hair. I’m so ready for my hair to grow out. I just can’t wait till it gets long enough to style different ways. I’m loving the way my hair is now, but I hope it doesn’t make me too lazy lol. The TWA is so easy to maintain. So, don’t worry y’all. I’m hanging in there. I will hopefully post my hair regimen soon. I’m still trying to work that out. I would like to wait another month before I try to give some product reviews. I just want to develop a routine of haircare. 1 month down, a lifetime to go. The hair journey contiues……

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Just wanted to post a pic of my hair growth thus far. It’s been 3 weeks (23 days to be exact lol) since “The Big Chop”! My hair is growing in nicely indeed. I can see my “Frohawk” and it’s almost here! LOL! Man, I just love that hair style and can’t wait to try it out on my big head lol….*in my Gina from Martin voice* “I’m happy to be nappy Cole!” Loving my hair journey so far. Have a great weekend guys!

Congrats on going natural and welcome to the very awesome club!! You’re right about collecting products- its a slippery slope to becoming an addict. Here’s a pic of my current product arsenal! Crazy huh? But one thing I learned from my 6 month process is that, when you find a natural product you love, you will use it to the get end (and even scrap out the jar!)- unlike when you’re relaxed and always looking for the next thing to fix your broken thin dry damaged hair. Woo hoo Team Natural! Check out my tumblr for tips, pics, product reviews, and styles! Good luck on your journey, gorgeous natural diva!
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Congrats on going natural and welcome to the very awesome club!! You’re right about collecting products- its a slippery slope to becoming an addict. Here’s a pic of my current product arsenal! Crazy huh? But one thing I learned from my 6 month process is that, when you find a natural product you love, you will use it to the get end (and even scrap out the jar!)- unlike when you’re relaxed and always looking for the next thing to fix your broken thin dry damaged hair. Woo hoo Team Natural! Check out my tumblr for tips, pics, product reviews, and styles! Good luck on your journey, gorgeous natural diva!

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The funniest thing happened the day I wrote my last update. Remember how I was talking about folks who take hair very seriously. Well, I have these co-workers who always make comments about my hair. They take hair to a whole other level LOL! OMG! When I decided to go natural, I didn’t want to cut all my hair off at once. So, I started with a bob. At this point, my hair was down to my bra strap. OMG! You would have thought I murdered someone the way they carried on about me cutting off all my hair. They went on and on about how they spend hundreds of dollars trying to get hair like mine and I just cut mine off like it’s nothing. I’m like it’s just hair! It’ll grow back if I let it lol. After the bob, I kind of chickened out from going to the next phase of cutting. So, my hair grew back down to my shoulders. Well, I finally got the nerve to go ahead and get the next cut. This cut was similar to a mohawk, but I just didn’t have hair in the back of my head. I had my hair shaved all the way around on the sides. SMH!! I committed yet another murder. My co-workers had a fit again. I told them that I was going natural and I was working my way there. It’s funny how someone who doesn’t have to take care of hair like mine always says that if they had it they would never cut it. I’m like….Yeah spoken just like somebody who doesn’t have my hair lol. Well the comment that had me like….Woooow!, was when my co-worker looked at me and said…”You ain’t all black anyway.” I totally got what she meant and all, but I was like…Really? She said that she cut her hair like mine and it didn’t grow. She said that my hair grows fast because I’m not all black and I’m mixed with something LOL! I just looked at her and busted out laughing. It’s just that I am brown skinned and I’m rarely got told that I am mixed, even when I wore my hair long. She told me that she is 100% black and that I was probably mixed with Indian or something LOL! I mean I know that I am not 100% black, but man she was so upset that I cut my hair and hers wouldn’t grow LOL! Lawd! They take hair very seriously LOL!

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As my hair has started to grow, I find myself trying to decipher all this hair type stuff I’ve been reading about. It seems to be a hot topic with some and others could care less. I find it to be somewhat helpful when deciding what to do with my hair. I can refer to someone with hair similar to mine and get some ideas about how to style it and what products work well for their hair. I guess by having the ability to refer to a specific type of hair does help in narrowing down my choices of hair similar to mine. What I don’t get is why some seem to get so emotional about what type of hair they have and others seem to get emotional about someone else saying what type of hair they have. Is it really that serious? I have seen an actual online argument where a young lady said she had 4B hair and someone else said it was 4C. I mean the young lady that said her hair was not 4B was adamant about her need to let her know that she is wrong. These two young ladies went back and forth on the issue and were seemingly upset. I’m like it’s just hair! It can’t be that serious. I think my hair is too short still to try and figure out which type I have. For now, my hair type is naturally beautiful. The hair journey continues….

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Well it’s been at least 2 weeks since “The Big Chop”. I held out as long as I could, but eventually had to tell the parental unit that my long relaxed hair was no more. My Daddy is an old fashioned country man. He don’t like it when my Mom or I cuts our hair. I knew he wasn’t goin to be too happy with this cut at all LOL! I knew how my Mom was going to react. She is not one to bite her tongue. She hollered out. She said I looked like a man. She said I looked like one of them dikes. She said why you want to go and cut all your hair off. I had to remind her that she too cut her hair off when she was around my age. Of course I get…”SO!” Smh lol. I love her to death though. Due to the bad storm that we had here in the DMV last Friday, I had to go to NC unexpectedly. We lost power here for a few days. I don’t do the heat in the dark. So, I went running home to Mommy & Daddy LOL! When they 1st saw me, they just gave me that “You flunked out of school, wrecked the car, and got pregnant look”. I’m sure they will come around. Everyone seems to like my hair this way except for them. My Daddy hasn’t said too much about it. I didn’t expect him to say much anyhow. I have gotten use to not having any hair rather quickly. I’m actually questioning whether I want to even grow it long ever again. I’m loving my TWA, especially with the temps we’ve been having. I’ve been using my Shea Moisture cream on my hair mostly. It’s finally starting to get long enough to curl up a little. So, hopefully I’ll be able to use my Kinky Curly stuff soon. I love that I can just wash my hair whenever I want now! I mean I don’t have to predry, blowdry, flat iron, and then wrap. I just wash, condition, throw some leave-in and hair cream in and go! Love it! My hair journey marches on…..

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Today I stepped out in my new cut feeling pretty darn good about how I looked. It was a little hard to pick out something to wear for some reason. I am in love with dangling earrings now. I think they really look nice with short haircuts. I looked at some today. I want to get some more hoop earrings because I just love hoop earrings. I lost one out of my favorite pair of earrings. I cried for real. That pair of earrings were the first thing I bought after leaving home and living on my own. I always called them a symbol of my independence. They had been through so much. I had them for 17 years. After seeing Janet and Jodie with them on, I had to get some too LOL! Oh yeah, we’re supposed to be talking about hair LOL! Tomorrow will be the first time anyone I know here in the DMV will see my haircut. I can’t wait to see their reaction. I just can’t wait for my hair to grow out a little more. Well, I’m gonna lay it down. Oh, did I mention how much I didn’t miss my usual hair routine? Oh ok…..#overit

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Oh I forgot to post pics of me LOL! It’s day #2. I went through a lot of mixed emotions yesterday saying good bye to “Barbie”. As you can see from my pic, I have always had a head full of straight hair. I wanted to embrace my natural hair texture and stop handing my hair stylist $200 to get my hair done LOL! It’s exciting though. I have a few friends that are natural and I have longed to join them on their hair journey. Well, for my 43rd birthday I decided to take the “natural” plunge and go for the “Big Chop”. I have never cut my hair this short before. Yesterday I stepped outside after cutting all my hair off and I felt the heat of the sun on my scalp and felt the breeze blowing through what was left of my hair. It felt so good and yet so unusual for me. I have been rubbing my head since yesterday. Now I know why my ex-boyfriend loved for me to rub his head LOL! This will no doubt be a challenge for me. I have been getting my hair straightened in one form or another since I was little. So, we’ll see if I can let go of my “Barbie” ways. Oh how I loved my soft, silky, flowing hair. How I just loved to shake it out of my face or gently move it from my face with my finger tips. I was so extra when it came to my hair LOL! My goal is to not straighten my hair, but wear it in it’s natural texture. I have like 4 different textures in my hair now. So, this ought to be interesting. I just hope I don’t have one side curly and one side nappy LOL! The whole idea is to love my hair texture no matter what it is. And so it begins…..

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Well, now begins the trial and error period of finding out which product will work with my natural hair. I have a cabinet full of products for “relaxed hair”. I am a product junkie. I can see this process becoming quite expensive. I have been watching youtube videos and reading up on different products. Not only do I have to find the right products, but I now have to change my whole haircare routine. The products I picked up yesterday seem to be the most popular among those that are wearing their hair natural. I don’t quite have enough hair to give them a serious test right now, but I just wanted to be ready and uhm mostly just buy some products *product junkie intervention soon come* lol. My hair grows so fast. So, I’m sure I’ll be ready by next week.

And So It Begins

Today is the big day of THE BIG CHOP!, as it’s called in the natural hair world. That’s right sports fans. Barbie is goin natural. I have always had my hair straightened. Today I start my natural hair journey. I have always wanted to try it out. I finally got up the courage. So, so long to my silky, shiny, bouncing, slingable hair. I’ll miss you. *deep cleansing breath*

I am goin to try to keep track of my progress here. I am pretty bad about these things. Hence, the reason why my posts on here are like months apart. Welp, I guess I’ll enjoy the last few minutes with my remaining relaxed hair…..Lawd help me….smh

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