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Posted by Divatologist

Well it’s been at least 2 weeks since “The Big Chop”. I held out as long as I could, but eventually had to tell the parental unit that my long relaxed hair was no more. My Daddy is an old fashioned country man. He don’t like it when my Mom or I cuts our hair. I knew he wasn’t goin to be too happy with this cut at all LOL! I knew how my Mom was going to react. She is not one to bite her tongue. She hollered out. She said I looked like a man. She said I looked like one of them dikes. She said why you want to go and cut all your hair off. I had to remind her that she too cut her hair off when she was around my age. Of course I get…”SO!” Smh lol. I love her to death though. Due to the bad storm that we had here in the DMV last Friday, I had to go to NC unexpectedly. We lost power here for a few days. I don’t do the heat in the dark. So, I went running home to Mommy & Daddy LOL! When they 1st saw me, they just gave me that “You flunked out of school, wrecked the car, and got pregnant look”. I’m sure they will come around. Everyone seems to like my hair this way except for them. My Daddy hasn’t said too much about it. I didn’t expect him to say much anyhow. I have gotten use to not having any hair rather quickly. I’m actually questioning whether I want to even grow it long ever again. I’m loving my TWA, especially with the temps we’ve been having. I’ve been using my Shea Moisture cream on my hair mostly. It’s finally starting to get long enough to curl up a little. So, hopefully I’ll be able to use my Kinky Curly stuff soon. I love that I can just wash my hair whenever I want now! I mean I don’t have to predry, blowdry, flat iron, and then wrap. I just wash, condition, throw some leave-in and hair cream in and go! Love it! My hair journey marches on…..

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